The majority of our negative tabletop gaming experiences can be traced back to the people involved (including us) having different expectations – a session zero is the ultimate way to mitigate that, and align the expectations of everyone at the table.


They are the single most productive tool to ensure that everyone clearly states what will make them happy at the table. Hear our case for why you should absolutely use session zeroes (and some stories of when we wish we had).



Here is our list of Session 0 questions, along with a full, sample in which we answer every single one. This was unrehearsed so that it would be as real-to-life as possible, but we feel that it will show you in realistic detail what a Session 0 can feel like, and what to expect. We hope you enjoy!

Link to the Questions

Don’t feel comfortable running your own Session 0? Let us run one for you! Play this video and pause it between questions, having your gaming group jot down the answers.

By the end, you’ll have finished an entire Session 0! Print this sheet and follow along!



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