About Us

Absolute Tabletop – We make what we’d use. Versatile roleplaying game material, from our tabletop to yours.

We are an independent tabletop RPG publisher with a passion for the big picture, a devotion to the little details, and a knack for making products that integrate seamlessly into your gaming life.

Absolute Tabletop Values

Authenticity – We strive to be genuine to ourselves and the community.

Simplicity – We work to distill our content to be meaningful and balanced.

Mindfulness – We recognize the nuanced, varied styles of the RPG community.

Drive – We strive for consistency, and challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

Appreciation – We cultivate our sense of wonder, and contribute positively.

Absolute Tabletop was formed in the summer of 2015 by four passionate nerds on a lofty yet worthwhile quest: provide all-purpose homebrew content, rousing inspiration, and practical techniques for game masters and players alike.

The founders of Absolute Tabletop met (fittingly) at the gaming table – but not in the classical sense. Distributed across the United States, Matt, Barker, Tim, and James all met through online tabletop gaming. They quickly found that they had quite a bit in common, yet each still brought a unique viewpoint and voice to the table. It didn’t take long for them to start to formally collaborate, and from there, Absolute Tabletop was born.

Praise for Absolute Tabletop

“You’ve left just enough open that this can really be used anywhere! Great job! When are you writing more?!!” 5/5 stars, Lisa M.

“The Art – It gives you an immersive themed feeling and looks very professional.” 5/5 stars, Lisa M.

“The content is so imaginative … really opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the dungeons I create.” 5/5 stars, Nichole B.

“Just packed with detail. I show up for characters and background and was not disappointed.” 5/5 stars, Sarah C.

“Blown away. There is so much here – it feels very complete. The art is great, the layout is very professional, the writing is clear and paints a great picture. I think they’ve included something for every kind of player to latch onto. I especially like the accompanying video…” 5/5 stars,  Sarah C.